Enrolling in Classes

Are you Enrollment Ready?

  1. I applied to Cerritos College & Received my Student ID Number (No? Visit the "Application" page)
  2. I know which 8 courses are required for the RMC program and I have identified which ones I still need to take. (No? Visit the "Choosing Classes" page)
  3. If I have taken time off between classes (skipped a semester), I have re-activated my student ID number by completing an application again online. (No? Visit the "Re-Activate Your Student ID" page)
  4. I logged into my MyCerritos account and checked to be sure I do not have any holds on my account such as an outstanding balance due for current semester fees. (No? Visit the "MyCerritos Account Instructions" page) If there was a hold, I have cleared it.

If you need assistance clearing a hold go to How to Clear Holds. If you still have questions, please reach out to Venea Meyer at vmeyer@cerritos.edu for additional assistance.

If items 1-4 above are not complete, you will not be able to enroll in classes. Please be sure to complete these important steps before attempting to enroll in courses.

Did you answer "yes" to each of the 4 questions above?

You are ready to enroll in classes!