Fixing Holds & Other FAQs

Fixing Enrollment Holds

Hold For Assessment & Orientation (AOC)

When you completed your application, you chose an education goal that triggered the hold. To waive the Assessments and Orientation requirement, please complete the Application Correction Form. You will mark either #8 “Advance in Current Career” or #9 “Maintain Certificate or License under the question “What is your immediate education goal?”

You may return the form to the Admissions & Records office admissions-info@cerritos.eduwhere it will be processed. Once processed, the hold will be removed from your MyCerritos account.

Download Application Correction Form

Hold For Past Due Fees

This occurs when tuition for a previous semester or current semester has not been paid. To view the amount and details:

  1. Log into your MyCerritos account
  2. Click on Pay My Fees
  3. Click on the Charges Due tab at the top for the amount due or the Activity tab for a breakdown of the total fees due
  4. If your employer remits payment for your tuition, please contact your training or human resources department for assistance.
  5. If you are responsible for remitting payment for your tuition, please be sure to remit your payment.

Not Term Activated / Not Term Valid

This means your Student ID number is inactive. Any time a student does not attend for a semester, we ask you to reapply for the following term. Here is how to resolve the issue.

Attempted a Class Twice Already

If you have attempted to take a class twice, whether you received two grades, two “W”s, or a combination of the two, you will want to submit a petition to our Academic Records and Standards Committee to request enrollment for a third time.

To access the Academic Records and Standards Committee petition form:

  • A & S Petition: Use this form when you are repeating a course at the college for the 3rd time. Petition to the Academic Records & Standards Committee. Submit to and feel free to CC Venea Meyer so she is aware you are working on clearing this hold.

Please complete one petition per class being repeated for a third time. On the last page of the form please state the reason(s) why the committee should allow you to retake the class, including your plan to ensure the course is completed successfully this term.

You may return the petition(s) to the Admissions & Records office by sending it to

The committee meets each Monday, and decisions are available that Wednesday. If you are approved to retake the course, you will be notified within 7-10 business days and emailed via your MyCerritos Message Center.

Other Holds

If there is a different Hold message that you don’t understand, please contact Admissions & Records. Here is Admissions and Records contact information:

Retail Management Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Time Commitment

Full time working students often take two classes each semester. Semesters at Cerritos College last 18-weeks and for this program are broken into two 9-week sessions. Retail students often take one class during the first 9-weeks of the semester and their second class during the second 9-weeks of the semester. This works well for most students because you are taking one class at a time and can focus your efforts on that one subject. However, the 9-week pace is an expedited pace for a class so you should expect to dedicate about 6 hours each week to your studies. Depending on your previous experience with the material, speed of reading, writing ability and other skills depending on the course, you may find your time commitment to be more substantial in order to achieve a strong grade in the class.