Re-Activate your Student ID

Any time a student does not attend for a semester, we ask you to reapply for the following term. Don't worry, it will only take a minute and you can do it online!
1. Re-Activate your student ID# at


  • If you are taking classes to earn the WAFC Certificate only, select "Career Advancement" for your educational objective when applying for your Student ID# and the Assessment, Orientation and Counseling (AOC) process will be waved. Assessment & Orientation-Counseling (AOC) are required for first-time (new to any college) students who plan to complete an AA Degree or Transfer to a 4-year college or university.
  • Be sure to apply for the semester/term you will begin taking classes.
      • Fall Semester runs August - December
      • Spring Semester runs January - May
      • Summer Term runs May - August