Pregnant SEAS

What is Pregnant SEAS?

Pregnant Scholars Expecting Academic Success (Pregnant SEAS) provides support and information to students who are pregnant, have recently given birth, or are lactating. This includes students who encounter pregnancy loss, including voluntary or involuntary loss of pregnancy. Pregnant SEAS falls under the Title IX program at Cerritos College, which protects students from discrimination on the basis of sex. While the Pregnant SEAS program is limited to students who are pregnant, have recently given birth, and/or are lactating, Title IX also protects parenting students through other programs on Campus, such as the Supporting Parents in College Education (SPICE) club.

Why is Pregnant SEAS Important?

Over two-million college students become pregnant each year. Pregnant and parenting students are also more likely to attend community colleges, like Cerritos College.

Students with children have lower rates of degree attainment (about 27% within 6 years of enrollment) due to time constraints, handling multiple responsibilities, and financial issues. Offering support to these students is critical to their academic success.

Statistics found at 2019 report called “Parents in College” and

How Does Pregnant SEAS Help?

Pregnant SEAS provides support via one-on-one consultations to eligible students. A staff member will meet with the student to review the student’s educational goals and discuss how those goals can be attained throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Most often, a solution will include accommodations, and in some cases, adjustments to the student’s educational plan.

Pregnant SEAS also provides information on rights and resources for eligible students and connects them with other on-campus and community resources.

All of these services are available to students free of charge. 

How Can I Get Connected to Pregnant SEAS?

  1. Email to set up a consultation. Prior to the meeting, please be prepared to provide information on your current class schedule and names of professors. Don’t worry if you don’t have all this info yet; we’ll still be happy to meet with you!

  2. Meet with a Pregnant SEAS staff member to discuss accommodation requests. Approval for accommodations is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on how reasonable and feasible the request is. Common requests include, but are not limited to:
    1. Excused absence(s)
    2. Excused break(s)
    3. Adjusted deadlines
    4. Modification of equipment or tests
    5. More accessible classroom furniture
    6. Elevator access
    7. Note taking assistance
    8. Test proctoring

  3. Provide a doctor’s note to the Pregnant SEAS program to verify your pregnancy and your due date. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a verification from you doctor; you’ll still be allowed to participate in the program and receive accommodations. We recommend that students request medical documentation at their next doctor’s appointment or over email.

  4. Upon approval of your accommodations, the Pregnant SEAS staff will work with you on notifying your instructors. If needed, the student, professors, and a Pregnant SEAS staff member may engage in the interactive process to determine if an accommodation request can be met.

  5. Adjust your education plan if needed. In some cases, it’s possible for the student to return to classes after childbirth, but that’s not always feasible depending on the duration of the absence and timing of the pregnancy. If you need to temporarily discontinue classes, the Pregnant SEAS program will work with you and your counselor to help you pick back up where you left off.

  6. Follow up with Pregnant SEAS for any changes or additional accommodations, including postpartum and lactation support.

Please visit the following webpages for more information related to the Pregnant SEAS Program: