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The following policies provide clarification about the on and off campus sites that take reports. The policies specific which offices can take confidential reports and which reports trigger an investigation or other response.

Effective August 14, Title IX sexual harassment reports will follow the interim Title IX procedure, available at: 2020 Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Procedure.


The following policies provide information about the college’s investigation and adjudication procedures, as well as information about resources available to parties involved in sexual violence and related misconduct complaints.

  • BP 7700 - Whistleblower Protection
  • AP 7700 - Whistleblower Protection
  • BP 7365 - Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees
  • AP 7365 - Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees
  • BP 3520 - Local Law Enforcement
  • AP 3520 - Local Law Enforcement
  • BP 3500 - Campus Safety
  • AP 3500 - Campus Safety


These policies relate to required and other recurring training. For more information about the dates, times, and details of training for employees and students, visit various, guidance, for more information about trainings that are available, visit, CTX, or the daily falcon.

  • BP 3050 - Institutional Code of Ethics
  • AP 3050 - Institutional Code of Ethics
  • BP 5500 - Standards of Student Conduct
  • AP 5520 - Student Discipline Procedures
  • BP 3430 - Prohibition of Harassment
  • AP 3430 - Prohibition of Harassment

Board Policies and Administrative Policies

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