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New Regulations

On May 6, 2020, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued new regulations mandating how colleges and universities that receive federal funding must respond to sexual misconduct under Title IX. Cerritos College values its diverse student population and is committed to maintaining a culture of respect. In furtherance of this commitment, the Director of Diversity, Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator has carefully reviewed the new regulations and has collaborated across campus to establish a plan for how our campus can best implement the new requirements. Given the summer timing of the new regulations release and the limited time before with the August 14, 2020 implementation deadline, an interim procedure has been established to comply with the regulations.  To view the the interim procedure visit the 2020 Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Procedure webpage. 

The District values and respects our participatory governance process. This interim procedure will ensure a prompt and compliance grievance procedure until Human Resources can engage campus stakeholders in adopting formal BPs and APs this fall according to campus protocols.

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. In the meantime, please refer questions to:

Dr. Lauren Elan Helsper
Director, Diversity, Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator
Human Resources


The following policies provide information about on and off campus sites that take reports about protected class and sexual harassment/discrimination. The policies specify which offices take confidential reports and which reports trigger an investigation or other District response.


The following policies provide information about the District’s investigation and adjudication procedures, as well as information about resources available to parties involved in sexual harassment and related misconduct reports.

  • BP 7700 - Whistleblower Protection
  • AP 7700 - Whistleblower Protection
  • BP 7365 - Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees
  • AP 7365 - Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees
  • BP 3520 - Local Law Enforcement
  • AP 3520 - Local Law Enforcement
  • BP 3500 - Campus Safety
  • AP 3500 - Campus Safety
  • Information regarding the policies and procedures relating to the District’s response to sexual harassment allegations is included in the 2020 Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Procedure.


Many of the policies and procedures require trainings for students, staff, and faculty of the District.  Trainings for various campus constituents is available via Canvas, Keenan Safe Campus, presentations, and webinars.  Students, staff, and faculty members will be informed of the required trainings.

Information regarding supplemental trainings can be found through the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX), the Daily Falcon, and the Employee Development Calendar.

Pursuant to the August 2020, Title IX regulations, a review of the trainings completed by the Title IX staff is available on the Title IX Training Materials webpage.

These policies relate to required and other recurring training.  For more information about the dates, times, and details of training for employees and students, visit various, guidance, for more information about trainings that are available, visit the Employee Development Calendar, CTX, or the Daily Falcon.

  • BP 3050 - Institutional Code of Ethics
  • AP 3050 - Institutional Code of Ethics
  • BP 5500 - Standards of Student Conduct
  • AP 5520 - Student Discipline Procedures
  • BP 3430 - Prohibition of Harassment
  • AP 3430 - Prohibition of Harassment

Board Policies and Administrative Policies

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