Scanned Text

Scanned documents should always be converted to text unless the document provides some instructional value like an example of a legal form, etc.

This is a poor example of scanning text and saving it as an image pdf:


This is an acceptable example of the same document converted to text using OCR software and saved as a word document after editing then posted as a file link:


The best solution is to scan the document, convert the text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and edit the document and then copy and paste the results into the web page as shown in this example that doesn't require software to read the file:


1. Do not stay in bed in the morning unless you are sleeping. Unless I can go back to sleep immediately, I get up no matter what time I awaken. I exercise, read, or write. Occasionally after one of those activities I feel drowsy and return to sleep.

2. Do some exercise every morning. This is a morale-builder, particularly if you can keep your waistline trim. It is also a necessity if you hope to maintain optimal physical and mental well-being. 

3. Shower every morning after exercise, first as hot as you can stand it, then as cold as possible. Establish a mental picture of how courageous and daring one must be to take this cold shower. 

4. Eat a good, well-balanced breakfast. The ideal way to eat is a large, well balanced breakfast, a small lunch, and a tiny dinner. Eating habits die slowly. Most people do the reverse: no breakfast, or just coffee (dreadful), a full lunch, and huge dinner. If those who follow this mode are sedentary after dinner, the effects on their weight and health can be disastrous. 

5. Practice a light exercise routine well after dinner or before retiring. I walk after dinner or before retiring. I walk from one to three miles after dinner, stopping occasionally to see a movie. 

6. If you are very busy, make a list each evening of things that must be done the next day, and a list of what should be done if possible. Concentrate on the former, and don't be distracted by the latter until you have done all you can about the items on the first list. Only then should you tackle the latter. You'll be surprised to find how well you do on the first list if you are not distracted; also you'll find some problems on the second list will disappear or lose priority simply by being left alone. 

7. Try to pause for momentary reflection if someone offends, insults, or irritates you. If the driver of another car cuts you off or drives recklessly, remember that he has a problem--he will probably be a statistic one day. If you receive an insult, remember that the person insulting you is either wrong or right. If he's wrong, he has a problem. Why should you involve yourself in someone else's problem? If he's right, consider the insult a favor, and do something about the fault. 

8. Don't fly off the handle. When you do, it is a sign of lack of control of the autonomic nervous system. That is, you are reacting violently and without thinking to an outside barb. Sometimes this kind of release is good, but, in the main, it is an overreaction and can be prevented by a moment of reflection. 

9. Have your blood pressure checked regularly. If there is any hereditary tendency toward stroke, heart condition, kidney disease, or premature death in your family, have your blood pressure checked every three months. The day may come when biofeedback devices can be worn on the hands and wrists to act as early warning indicators of high blood pressure, but right now it takes only thirty seconds for your doctor to check your blood pressure. 

10. Try to develop your own code of morals and ethics to personalize, supplement, or replace the codes that have proved insufficient for you. Decide what you will and will not do, and reduce your concern over what others do and do not do. Allow others the room to do what they want to do. 

11. Rout feelings of guilt implanted during your youth by the rules of others. The rest of your life starts in the next minute. Why drag old guilt feelings into that atmosphere, which can be as clean as you make it? Don't feel guilty about your children's failings if you did the best you knew how to do when they were young.You were growing up then, too, you know. If you've lost contact with your children, why not call or write? Tell them that you love them and that you'll be there if they need you. You'll be amazed at how relieved you'll feel by just saying it, and you might be startled by the response. 

12. Memorize or keep handy some words which inspire you. 

13. When problems mount, and death, divorce, illness, job loss, and other problems seem to threaten your sanity, balance, and health, do something. Do anything, but don't sit and moan. Walk, jog, swim, soak in a tub, take a sauna, see a movie, flirt, make love, eat, read, argue, telephone your friends, and talk. Talk a mile a minute, but talk. Talk in itself is therapeutic. Cry if you can, but keep moving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Try to realize through all adversity that it is in these times that we learn and grow. See if you can discern what the lessons are in trying circumstances.