Personal Home Pages

Personal Homepages

To create and submit your homepages, follow these instructions:

  1. Read the Cerritos College Web Guidelines. Pages must also follow all college Computer Services network and computer regulations.
  2. Get an NT/XP account. Upon request of the appropriate manager, accounts can be obtained through Computer Services.
  3. Develop web pages.  It is important during this phase to have read the Cerritos College Web guidelines. Assistance, training, and web page templates are available from web administration. The college CMS (Content Management System) will be the initial training software for web training and development.
  4. Check for required "Minimum web page content."  Minimum web page content as recommended by the Faculty Academic Senate is the following:
  1. Test web pages.  Tests should be performed to make sure all pages are loading properly, and appear and work the way they are supposed to. Tests should be attempted from several browsers if possible.
  2. Use "alt" html tag to insert text in place of graphics.
  3. Contact the web administrator informing of the finished product.  The web administrator will link to your page from appropriate higher-level, official pages.


Each Web page on the Cerritos College Web site is acknowledged as a creative product. These may, therefore, contain an explicit copyright notice. Graphics or other web page elements on any page associated with the Cerritos College web must not be copied and used without permission of the creator.