Getting Started

Getting Started and Submitting Web Pages--Division/Department/Office Web Pages

To create and submit your departmental/office web pages, follow these instructions:

  1. Read the Cerritos College Web Guidelines.  Pages must also follow all college Computer Services network and computer regulations.
  2. Assign a Web Author.
  3. Get a computer (NT/XP) account.  Upon request of the appropriate manager, accounts for departments/offices can be obtained through Computer Services.
  4. Contact Web Administration to create a directory on CMS if necessary and assign author permission to the Web Author(s) for that office.
  5. If you are converting from a Front Page web site to CMS, work with the Web Administrator on moving the existing content from to
  6. Develop web pages. It is important during this phase to have read the Cerritos College Web guidelines. Assistance and training is available from Web Administration.
  7. Use one of Official Cerritos College Design Templates.  The Web Standards Committee has developed several Official Templates that must be used for all Cerritos College Web pages from the Gateway Pages down to the Department/Office pages.
  8. Model releases must be obtained for all recognizable persons appearing in Cerritos College headers and other graphics used to promote the College.
  9. Check for required "Minimum web page content."  Minimum web page content as recommended by the Faculty Academic Senate is the following:
    • Name of person
    • Division/Department
    • Office hours
    • Office number
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address with hot link
    • Schedule of classes [if instructor]
    • Last update [must be timely and current within the school semester]
    • Content must not violate Cerritos College's Acceptable Use Policy
  10. Test web pages.  Tests should be performed to make sure all pages are loading properly, and appear and work the way they are supposed to. Tests should be attempted from several browsers if possible.  Receive sign-off by manager.  There should be a process in place whereby a manager reviews and signs-off web pages before submitting the pages to the Web Administrator. [See Web Ownership Plan]
  11. Contact the Web Administrator informing of the finished product.  The Web Administrator will link to your page from appropriate higher-level, official pages.
  12. Wait for a reply and approval.  The Web Administrator will review, test and make recommendations for editing or improving the submitted web pages.
  13. Final edits.  Fix any problems or respond to Web Administrator's suggestions.
  14. Upon approval of the Web Administrator, your web pages will be linked to the Cerritos College gateway pages.