How to Form a Link to the Live Schedule of Classes

You can now link to Schedule+ to display live schedule data for your classes. 

Why is this important? It allows web authors to link to current schedule data directly without copying and pasting the data into static web pages. This helps keep our web pages updated by linking to current data rather than storing data that can quickly become outdated.

See a sample of how a schedule link could be used in the History web


The URL can accept up to three parameters: termclass, and type.
Here is the first part of the URL:

After that you will need to add at least the class parameter. The other two, term and type are optional and either or both can be added after class.

Class is a comma separated list of all the classes you want to list using the subject code and course number: e.g. class=hist101,hist102.

To return all the history classes use class=hist with no course number.

To return a list of sections use the section numbers: class=26476,26477.

Term is a code representing the semester: e.g. term=sp2018. It can be a PeopleSoft term code or a term abbreviation with the year as in the list below. If you omit the term it defaults to the current term.

su2019 - Summer 2019
fa2018 - Fall 2018
sp2019 - Spring 2019

Type is the enrollment status. If you omit the type all types are returned.

c - closed
o - open
s - stopped
t - tentative
x - cancelled

Example: type=costx for closed, open, stopped, tentative, cancelled.

Here's an example URL:

Here's a sample link that defaults to the current term and all types for english 100:

Here is a sample link for Spring showing all types of all the history classes:

The results are presented alphabetically regardless of the order in the list. Ampersands [&] need to be represented as %26.  For example: A&P must be encoded as A%26P.

Class, class, Classes and classes are synonymous, as are Course, course, Courses and courses and Terms, terms, Term and term.

Lower case course subject names are allowed.

If you specify a class number, any associated auto enroll classes will not be shown.

You can see a list of subject codes on this page:

Be sure to click on the (more) link in the results for additional information like corequisites, etc.