General Statement

General Statement

The Web Project at Cerritos College represents a commitment from a wide range of college departments and offices that are interested in utilizing the World Wide Web to favorably present the College to a growing worldwide audience. Managing the information and presentation on the Web is essential to our image as an educational and technological leader.

The roles of the Web Standards Committee and the Web Administrator includes the following:

  1. Development of evolving guidelines in terms of consistent graphic design, writing styles, accuracy, and timeliness of official information.
  2. Maintenance of files of college-approved general information, including but not limited to, degree requirements, descriptions of major programs, statistics describing facilities and populations, and admissions information.
  3. Approval and linking of pages produced by other departments and offices located on campus.
  4. Monitoring of existing pages and notifying Web Authors of suggested revisions.
  5. Resolution of issues concerning the Web that must be addressed on a college-wide level.

Web Standards Committee

Cerritos College acknowledges that the Cerritos College web site will always be a work in progress. This Web Standards Committee, which includes representatives from across the campus, will remain in place as long as the College continues to use the World Wide Web.   The Web Standards Committee concerns itself with the following:

  1. Advisory team for Webmaster
  2. General Web procedures
  3. Web design
  4. Forum for faculty and staff Web disputes
  5. Web discipline
  6. Acceptable Use Policy