Web Standards


Use Styles:

Web authors are encouraged to use the styles drop-down menu available in the editing environment to apply various formatting styles to content text. The benefits include pages that (are):

  • Load faster
  • Easier to maintain
  • Accessible
  • Customizable
  • Consistent

Use Headings:

Heading styles allow the web author to break a page up into logical sections.  Headings must be used in sequential order and must start with Heading style number three (Heading 3) in the main section area.  Heading styles may not be used out-of-order; for example, Heading 5 cannot be used immediately after Heading 3.  Instead, a Heading 4 must be used after Heading 3.


Use Illegible/varied font type:

Font type is preset in the authoring environment to limit the use of varied font type on the Cerritos College web.  If a page contains a font type that does not meet the official font type specified in the current style guide, the web administrator will immediately update the font type to conform to the official font type of the website.

Use Low contrast colors:

Colors low in contrast should not be used on Cerritos College web pages primarily because it makes it difficult for viewers to see the difference between content (text), strains the eyes of the viewer, and is inaccessible to persons with vision impairments.  Web authors are encouraged to use high contrast colors such as black text on a white background.