Web Ownership Plan

Web Ownership Plan: Managers/Web Authors

Each set of division/department/office web pages added to the Cerritos College Web must be maintained by a Web Author. The Web Author will be responsible for the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of information associated with the web pages of that department/division or office. 

  • Each manager will designate a person in his or her area to be charged with updating his or her division, department, or office web pages.
  • The manager will email the Web Administrator with a message naming the local web author (including the user name) and authorizing that person to make changes to web content for his or her division, department, or office.
  • This person will be known as the official Web Author of those pages.
  • The Web Author will be required to attend an individual or group training session.
  • The training session(s) will be designed to provide the Web Author with the knowledge to create, access and maintain web information for their web pages.
  • Web Authors will control their division/department office web directory.
  • The Web Author must agree to follow college standards for web page content and presentation.
  • The manager will develop a process of content review and sign-off prior to submitting web pages to the college Web Administrator.
  • Regular updates are strongly encouraged.

Faculty and staff may have personal homepages linked to their division/department/office web pages using the standards under Personal Homepages.