Career Services

Welcome to Career Services! 

For the weeks of April 29 and May 6 we have expended our Drop-in Counseling hours.  Check our schedule above.


Please use Navigate to schedule a career counseling appointment. Select the Navigate tile in the single sign-on portal. Here are instructions on how to schedule an appointment using Navigate on your portal.  

If you need assistance with your resume or to prepare for a job interview, please call our office directly to schedule an appointment with our Student Employment Specialist: (562) 860-2451 ext. 2356.

Choose how you would like to meet with us:

Telephone Appointment

  • Live, real-time conversation with a counselor over the telephone.

  • Call us at (562) 860-2451 ext. 2356 to arrange a phone appointment.

Zoom Appointment

  • Live, real-time interaction with a counselor in a Zoom meeting room with webcam and screen sharing.

  • Schedule a virtual appointment through Navigate Cerritos

In-person Appointment       

  • In-person appointment counseling appointment at our office in Multipurpose Building, Room 201.

  • Schedule an in-person appointment through Navigate Cerritos.

  • Please arrive to campus 15 minutes early

To cancel an appointment, please email or leave a message at (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2356.

A world in which all students have the opportunity to realize their potential and make their career aspirations a reality.

The mission of Cerritos College Career Services is to support students in making meaningful career decisions as they move into, through, and out of the college. We do this by providing resources, programs, and services that empower students to engage in intentional major and career exploration, cultivate a sense of purpose, develop career readiness skills, and take strategic action to achieve career success in diverse, global communities.

We believe in the critical importance of the following:

  • Creating an environment in which students experience being encouraged, supported, appreciated, and understood
  • Embracing students for who they are
  • Fostering a sense of self-confidence in achieving one’s goals
  • Promoting understanding of oneself and others
  • Normalizing the idea that students are where they need to be and that is okay!

Need to change your major?

Online Major Change Form

Student Employment Resources

For assistance with job postings or creating and managing an account on Jobspeaker, visit our Student Employment webpage.

Re-Entry Student Services

For adult students returning to school after a gap in education, contact our Re-Entry Resource Specialist, Shannon Estrada.

For SLO (Student Learning Outcomes) & Program Review info for Student Services follow links below: