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List of common club forms & resources that are found on FalconSync:

All forms must be submitted via FalconSync.

2021-2022 ASCC Financial Guidelines

Requisition Request (FalconSync Form)


An RFC is used when we are issuing a contract to anyone that is providing any type of in-person/virtual services for the college such as honorarium speakers, food vendors, event vendors, etc. (an RFC is not required for Culinary Arts). The RFC should be completed by the requestor at least 3-4 weeks BEFORE services are rendered (the actual service date).  The requestor must email the RFC to the Purchasing Department (Ramona Mellgoza is the Buyer for ASCC) with a cc to Student Life (Nikki Jones). Purchasing will then issue the contract, and once they receive the signed contract back from the vendor and the District signs, Purchasing will then forward the completed contract to the requestor. At that time the requestor can submit the ASCC requisition request form and attach the completed contract from Purchasing as back-up.

Request for Contract Form (RFC) 

Claim Statement (fillable PDF)

Fundraising Account Establishment (250s)

Summary of Deposit


 travel packet steps 1,2,3, d

ASCC Checklist for Travel

At this time, out-of-state travel for clubs will not be approved.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

ASCC Travel Eligibility Check 
ASCC eligibility check must be completed & approved by Student Activities staff BEFORE submitting any forms of the Travel Request Packet (Step 2).

  • At this time, out-of-state travel for clubs will not be approved.
  • This form may be dropped off to Nikki Jones in the Student Activities Office during office hours. No appointment is necessary.
  • This form may be emailed to Nikki Jones, Administrative Clerk III, at

Step 2: Complete Travel Request Packet

A. Conference & Travel Request Form for Advisor
B. Student Group Travel Request Form
C. Travel Liability Forms (one per student)

NOTE: Forms A, B, & C are to be submitted together.


Step 3: Schedule An Appointment to Submit Forms

Once Step 2 is complete, schedule an appointment with Nikki Jones, Administrative Clerk in the Student Activities office to review travel documentation for submission. 
Incomplete packets will not be accepted. 

For questions related to ASCC funded
traveling timelines & documentation,

please contact
Nikki Jones at or ext. 2471.

ASCC Travel Process – Standard Operating Procedure


 District Travel Policies:

Student Activities Fee Waiver Request Form

You have ten (10) business days from the first day of the start of the current semester/session to return this signed form to the Admissions & Records Office for a refund.

Refunds will not be granted after the ten days. Fee waivers will not be processed for past semesters.

How to complete the waiver:

Read the form carefully. Download the PDF form to your desktop in order to complete and sign it.

Email the form as a PDF attachment to the Student Activities office for validation and to obtain staff signature.

After obtaining a signature from the Student Activities staff, the form will be forwarded to the Admissions & Records for verification & processing of your refund.

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