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Thank you for your interest in obtaining data from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning, and Grants.  

Data requests can include data extractions, data cleaning, data reports, data analysis, research reports, research presentation, data visualization, etc.  Data requests are prioritized according to institutional need, and certain data requests may require additional approval. Some data elements may not be available. Our timeframe for responding to data requests can vary depending on workload within our office.  To ensure that we can meet your desired timeline, please submit your request at least four to six weeks prior to when the information will be needed. It may be necessary to meet with you if your project requires substantial resources.

Please note that requests are considered incomplete if there are any blank fields or required supporting documentation is missing. Incomplete requests will not be processed.

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If your project does NOT have a due date, your assigned analyst will work with you to determine the completion date based on the complexity of your request.

Data Request Details

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If yes, when was it last requested and which Research Analyst provided the information? Please included the project number if it was provided.

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Compliance and Acknowledgement of Understanding

By checking this box, I acknowledge that the data I am requesting from the IERPG Division may be denied, approved, cancelled, or prolonged.


Data provided by IERPG must be used for Cerritos College purposes. Personal use of data are prohibited. The data that may be provided is to be used only for the purposes stated on the request form and approved by IERPG. Data provided may not be used for any other purposes or redistributed without prior written approval from the IERPG Division.

IERPG does not provide any raw data files to protect confidentiality and privacy, and to adhere to FERPA guidelines. Individuals/departments requesting data are expected to take measures to safeguard data. This includes securely storing data and safely disposing data. If provided data and/or a report by IERPG, do you agree that the data you are requesting will be:

  1. used for college purposes only,
  2. securely stored/safely disposed, and
  3. guarded against unauthorized alteration or inappropriate usage in accordance with college policies, and federal and state laws


Supplemental Documents: If you have supporting documents for your request (grant report requirements, unit planning documents, student list, etc.) please send an email to with the attached documents.

If your supplemental documents include identifying student information, FERPA regulations require files be password protected anytime such information is shared via email. Passwords should be emailed separately from the files. While emailing FERPA-protected data is permissible under the law, the Department of Education has ruled that an institution will be held responsible for a violation if any unauthorized individual sees the protected data via your electronic transmission.


Our timeframe for responding to data requests can vary depending on workload within our office. We strive to provide requestors a received email with a status of your request within 5 business days of receipt.

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