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Student Evaluations of Faculty

Student Evaluations of Faculty (SEF) allow students to provide feedback on their academic experiences inside the classroom and support the continued improvement of teaching and learning at Cerritos College. The evaluation process is crucial to our efforts toward teaching excellence, as student feedback informs our understanding of their experiences with instructors and courses. The evaluations can help faculty make choices about how to best engage their students, present material, and cultivate an inclusive learning environment.  

Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning, and Grants (IERPG) administers the SEFs during the fall and spring semesters. The Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF) Faculty Bargaining Agreement provides policies and guidelines for the evaluation of full-time and part-time faculty.

Evaluation Process


During fall semesters, both full-time and part-time faculty are evaluated, whereas in the spring semesters, only part-time faculty are evaluated. Early in the semester, faculty receive an email from IERPG describing the process and evaluation schedule.  

During the evaluation window, faculty and students will receive email reminders from Faculty are encouraged to monitor their response rates and to send additional email reminders.


Students completing the SEFs will receive an email with a link (or multiple links if the students are taking more than one course) to their survey(s), with each course having a unique link from (note: if a student is enrolled in multiple sections, the student will receive only one email with unique links for each course. If a student is using his/her phone to open the email, the links within the email may or may not be hyperlinked depending on the mobile carrier. Given this is out of our control, please let your students know that they may have to copy and paste the links into a web browser when using their mobile device). Students will receive reminders to complete their survey(s) until the close of the evaluation window. Once the completed survey is submitted by the student, Scantron Class Climate will prove a “Certificate of Participation” email that can be shared with you by the student.


At the end of the semester, a PDF report with the compiled results will be emailed to each instructor for which evaluations were submitted (reports will be submitted after all grades have been submitted for that semester). Instructional deans will receive reports for all faculty as well as a summary report.

Survey Instrument

The Student Evaluations of Faculty survey.

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