Requesting Data

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning, and Grants (IERPG) provides access to official college data.

Cerritos College employees and external parties may request access to College data for the purpose of improving the quality of Cerritos College operations in support of the College mission, vision, and goals. In order to be considered, data requests must support new initiatives, data-informed decision making, and/or improvement, in the pursuit of excellence in any aspect of college operations. College employees must adhere to all relevant state and federal laws (i.e., FERPA, HIPAA) in their use and dissemination of data. For all external data requests and internal requests requiring confidentiality, only anonymized/de-identified data will be utilized and disseminated.

Our office receives many data requests, and we try to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside our regular work cycle and staff capacity. All requests must fulfill a specific academic or administrative need. We do not fulfill requests by faculty, students, or external requestors for academic research or classroom use (i.e., course projects, surveys, scholarly research) without IRB Approval. Data requests are prioritized according to institutional need, and certain data requests may require additional approval. It may be necessary to meet with you if your project requires substantial resources.

Before making a request, we recommend considering publicly available sources of data (a list of commonly used resources and tools are on IERPGā€™s webpage, External Data Resources). Is the data that interests you available through the CCCCO DataMart or IERPG Public Dashboards?  Are there reliable public sources for this information, such as IPEDS, or other sources? Cerritos College employees also have access to IERPG Internal Dashboards.

IERPG does not supply data for student research requests.

Please plan for at least four (4) to six (6) weeks for data/research requests to be fulfilled.

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