Grammar DLAs

Grammar DLAs

G001.1 Basic Sentence Structure

G002.1 Sentence Combining

G003.1 Types of Sentences: Compound

G004.1 Coordinating Conjunctions

G005.1 Types of Sentences: Complex and Compound-Complex

G006.1 Subordinating Conjunctions

G007.1 Parallel Structure

G008.1 Reducing Sentence Errors: Fragments

G009.1 Reducing Sentence Errors: Run-ons and Comma Splices

G010.1 Using Articles with Nouns

G011.1 Pronouns

G012.1 Modals to Express Ability

G013.1 Modals to Express Necessity

G014.1 Modals to Give Advice

G015.1 Understanding the Simple Present and Present Progressive Tenses

G016.1 Understanding the Simple Past and Past Progressive Tenses

G017.1 Understanding the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive Tenses

G018.1 Understanding the Future Tenses

G019.1 Using the Passive Voice (Part One)

G020.1 Using the Passive Voice (Part Two)

G021.1 Adjectives and Adverbs

G022.1 Comparatives and Superlatives

G023.1 Using Adjective Clauses

G024.1 Using Adverb Clauses

G025.1 Using Noun Clauses

G026.1 Gerunds and Infinitives (Part One)

G027.1 Gerunds and Infinitives (Part Two)

G028.1 Subject-Verb Agreement

G029.1 Choosing the Correct Word Form

G030.1 Learning to Paraphrase

G031.1 Punctuation 1: How to Use Commas (Part One)

G032.1 Punctuation 2: How to Use Commas (Part Two)

G033.1 Punctuation 3: How to Use Semicolons

G034.1 Punctuation 4: How to Use Colons

G035.1 Punctuation 5: How to Use Hyphens

G036.1 Punctuation 6: How to Use Dashes and Parenthesis

G037.1 Understanding the Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive Tenses

G038.1 Understanding the Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive Tenses