Success Center Policies

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Cerritos College Success Center Rules and Guidelines

The Success Center serves students who are currently enrolled in courses with academic content by providing Directed Learning Activities (DLAs), workshops, course-related technology, and individualized tutoring.

The Success Center does not provide services for students who are not currently enrolled in academic courses at Cerritos College.

All students are required to abide by Cerritos College Student Standards of Conduct and use the Success Center in an ethical and lawful manner. View the Standards of conduct

When the conduct of a student transcends the bounds of law, policy, or regulation, and interferes with the normal processes of education, the student will be removed from the Success Center, and the college will take appropriate disciplinary action through Judicial Affairs.

Office of Student Conduct and Grievances

Students Should:

  1. Provide a current Cerritos College photo ID card in order to sign in and sign out.
  2. Login to the Success Center before attending a workshop, requesting a DLA, working with a tutor, or using the computers.
  3. Only be in the Success Center for Directed Learning Activities, workshops, specified technology activities, or tutoring sessions. Students working on unrelated activities will be asked to complete their work in the Library.
  4. Log out of the Success Center before leaving.
  5. Work quietly so they do not disturb other students.
  6. Use computers only for academic activities.
  7. Turn off or silence all cell phones and electronic devices.
  8. Leave their work area clean.
  9. Take responsibility for their personal property.
  10. Arrive early for workshops
  11. Come prepared to work, with necessary assignments and materials from their classes.
  12. Notify Success Center staff immediately of any computer problems.
  13. Not disrupt the educational activities or prevent students/staff from performing the functions of the College Success Center.

Students Should Not:

  1. Login to the Success Center during class time, even if the class is cancelled.
  2. Bring food or drink into the Success Center.
  3. Bring children into the Success Center.
  4. Bring "guests" (i.e., friends, relatives, non-Cerritos College students) to the Success Center.
  5. Change settings on the computers.
  6. Attempt to fix any computer problems.
  7. Turn off the computer (CPU) upon leaving.
  8. Connect any personal computers or laptops in to the Success Center's network.
  9. Use the Internet for personal use.
  10. Engage in physical or verbal disruption, willful disobedience, or persistent defiance of authority.

Other Cerritos College Computer Use Information

Success Center computers are provided for the instructional use of Cerritos College students. To insure that everyone enjoys the maximum benefit of these computers, please remember these guidelines:

  1. Food and drinks are not permitted in the Success Center.
  2. Chat rooms, games, and other non-instructional web sites and applications may not be accessed on Success Center computers.
  3. Use of Success Center computers is on a first-come, first-served basis. Computers may not be reserved. If you leave the computer for any reason, the station will be open for others to use.
  4. Use your common sense and discretion when viewing web sites which clearly would be offensive to other students. Display of certain sexually explicit content in a public area may be a violation of the College's Sexual Harassment Policy
  5. Illegal file-sharing of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

For additional information, please reference the "Cerritos Community College District Procedure AP3720: Computer and Network Use"