Re-entry Student

Re-entry student. Near the science building

You are a re-entry student if you are 25 years or older or may have a 3-5 year gap in your education. Visit Re-Entry Resource Program for more information.


  • Once you have completed your application for admission, you need to schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop an educational plan and determine the appropriate course(s) selection for your program of study.
  • Have your high school/college transcripts, placement test results, and/or other documentation ready to verify completed coursework when you meet with a counselor. If you need to complete the Self-Report Tool and/or Orientation, you will be informed.
  • Self-Report Tool (SRT)
    • The SRT is now accessible from the MyCerritos portal and here are the instructions. You can complete this online without the need to schedule an appointment or come to the campus.
    • The Self-Report Tool (SRT) provides students with the opportunity to place into English, reading, math or ESL (English as a Second Language) courses based on their United States high school records. There are two SRTs: one for English/reading/ESL and one for math.
      Please visit the Assessment Center for more information.
  • Orientation
    • To sign up for a Falcon Edge Orientation, you must have a current Cerritos College Student ID number. Be prepared to stay the entire length of the 2 ½ hour presentation, in addition to a 30-minute one-on-one counseling appointment.
    • Upcoming Zoom Falcon Edge Orientations
    • You can sign up online or contact the Counseling Department at 626-869-9419 or 714-494-9247 to reserve your spot. 
  • After receiving your enrollment appointment through MyCerritos, you may enroll online at MyCerritos on or after your scheduled time.
  • Be sure to pay all fees. Students who receive financial aid must follow the same fee schedule when paying lab fees, Cerritos College Student Activities (CCSA) fee, and the Health fee.

After getting settled into your first semester, meet with a counselor every semester. Counselors are available to assist you with your educational planning year-round. Visit the Counseling Department to learn how to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Welcome to Cerritos College!

If you need accommodations with any of these activities due to a disability, please visit Student Accessibility Services (formerly Disabled Students Programs and Services—DSPS).