Student Fees FAQ's

How do I pay for my class?

For payment instructions, visit  HOW TO PAY FEES ONLINE


Why is my payment not working?

Firefox is the recommended browser. For Google Chrome, visit  FAQ - STUDENT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS to update SameSite settings. (You may need to clear your browser history after this step. For instructions visit, FAQ - CLEAR BROWSER HISTORY


Do I have to pay for the health fee, even if I have my own health insurance?

Yes, the $19 (Fall and Spring), $16 (Summer) fee is a required each semester, regardless of personal health insurance.


Will I be dropped if I do not pay my health fee?

Cerritos College is currently not dropping for lack of payment. Your school records may be placed on hold for any unpaid mandatory fees.


Do I have to pay for my classes if I am on the waitlist?

No. Once you are enrolled, fees are due immediately.


How do I apply for a refund?

Submit a refund request form,  Refund Request Form 


Can I pay with my personal check?

No, Cerritos College does not accept personal checks. You can make a payment on your bill in MyCerritos /in-person/etc. For instructions on how to pay online, please visit STUDENT FEES