AB 540 (California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request) – A student should submit an AB 540 waiver when they initially apply to the college to Admissions and Records before enrollment. A new AB 540 waiver form will need to be submitted only if there is a break in enrollment. The student should follow up with the Financial Aid Office to submit a Board of Governors Fee Waiver and(or) Dream Act Application.

California College Promise Grant (Fee Waiver)– Covers your $46 per unit tuition for an academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer). It does not cover your ID, health fee, labs, or books. You are required to pay any outstanding fees 7 days after you register. Otherwise, your classes will be dropped.

Cal Grant GPA Verification Form- Complete this form along with the Cal Dream Act Application by March 2nd. Will determine if you are eligible for funds to help with books and supplies. Your college will submit your GPA electronically if you have completed at least 24 college level courses. Otherwise, you are required to have your high school complete the form.

Cal Grant G-8 High School Certification Form - create an account online to certify High School Graduation at

Cal Grant G-10 Grant Record Change Form - This form is used to submit a school change or leave of absence request.

Dream Act Application – Application is available every October 1st. Complete once a year by March 2nd. Will determine if you are eligible for a California college promise grant (fee waiver), EOPS, and Cal Grant./p>

Financial Aid Forms - If you are selected for verification, you may be required to submit additional forms.  Check your To Do list on to see if there are any additional forms needed.