California Dream Act Application Process


The California Dream Act.d

Apply for the California Dream Act.
FOLLOW THE 4 STEPS TO CASH!New Applications are available October 1st

Step 1: Apply December 31 - May 2

Submit both applications by the May 2 deadline to be considered for Cal Grant and Student Success Completion Grant.
  • Complete a Dream Act Application at
  • Submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form

Cerritos College School Code: 00116100


Step 2: Check your To Do List

If you receive an email notification or login to your webgrants account and it states that you are eligible to receive the Cal Grant, check your To Do List.

  • Create an account from the link on your To Do List and complete all required Outstanding Financial Aid Tasks.

    We've put YOU in charge of your #FinancialAid.

Check your to do list


Note: It is important to submit these required tasks in a timely manner to avoid any delays in your financial aid file. Once the Financial Aid Office reviews all required documentation and completes the verification process if required, the file will be completed.

Step 3: Review Awards

Review your awards on your MyCerritos account under Finances Section by clicking on View Financial Aid to see what you qualify for.

Note: Plan ahead, it is important to review your awards in order to budget yourself and know how much money you need to save for books and supplies.

Step 4: Receive Disbursement

Receive your Cal Grant disbursement in the mail by check, if eligible. You must be in a minimum of 6 units in order to receive a portion of your Cal Grant.

Note: In order to receive your Cal Grant and Student Success Completion Grant disbursements you must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards.

Receive Disbursement

Helpful Hint: Create an Webgrants account to stay informed about the status of your California Dream Act Application and eligibility for the Cal Grant. You will need your California Dream Act ID number to create an account. The number is located on your California Dream Act Application. 

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