Black History Month Writing Contest

Lift Every Voice Black History Month Writing Contest

Funded by the Cerritos College Foundation

Write about a Black public figure or collective—activist, artist, writer, athlete, educator, filmmaker, politician, business leader, influencer, etc.—who you believe hasn't gotten the recognition they deserve. In a 750-word original essay or a poem of any length, sing their praises, say their names, let the world know who they are, what they’ve done, and why you think the rest of the world should know their work. 

Prizes: 1st place ($125), 2nd place ($75), 3rd place ($50) + publication on the English department website

2024 Winner

"The woman who wasn't afraid to think outside the (doll) box" by Dayannara Aguilar

2023 Winner

"In the Shackles of Prejudice" by Angel Mejia

2022 Winners

1st place: "Tallahatchie" by Jadel Moreira

2nd place:"Say My Name and More" by Fatima Durrani

3rd place: "I can't believe Samuel L. Jackson has never won an Oscar" by Monique Gutierrez

2021 Winner

"The Forgotten Cat" by Steven Wright Jr.