Scary Story Contest

2023 scary story contest

Abandoned building

Funded by the Cerritos College Foundation

Write an original, scary short story of 1,000 words or less. Stories can fall into a variety of subgenres, including but not limited to: suspense, horror, gothic, paranormal, supernatural, macabre, etc.

Prizes: 1st place ($125), 2nd place ($75), 3rd place ($50) + publication on the English department website

Deadline Extended: November 12th (11:59 pm)

  • Submit on the 2023 Scary Story Canvas (Please RESUBMIT if you previously submitted to Turnitin)
  • Please do NOT put your name on the story itself. Instead, include your student ID# in the upper right corner of the document.



1st Place:"Strange" by Gisela Sequeida Lemus

2nd Place:"Parisian Nightmares" by Angel Mejia

3rd Place:"Midnight Blooms" by Isabel Flores

Honorable Mentions:

"Wolf Like Me" by Raul Garcia
"The Prey" by Caley Shiota


1st Place: "Static" by Citlaly Abundio

2nd Place: "The Dead End Street" by Ana Molestina

3rd Place: "Unusual Antics" by Daysi Organes


1st Place:"The Field Men" by Abigail Herrera

2nd Place:"From Hatred" by Abigail Bodell

3rd Place:"The Playhouse" by Adrian Alvarez

Honorable Mentions:

"Who Wields the Blade" by Daniel Garcia

"Rifts" by Alberto Rodriguez

"Welcome Back, Beast" by Tricia-Marie Ward


1st Place: "Manifestation" by JC Rodriguez

2nd Place: "The Red Scare" by Ana Molestina

3rd Place: "Attic" by Lauren Sallans

Honorable Mention:"The Broken Manor" by James Shawe


1st Place: "The Alabaster Nightmare" by James Shawe

2nd Place:"Long Haul Into the Blackest Night" by Joshua Guzman

3rd Place:"Roswell" by Eric Barcelos

Honorable Mentions:

"It’s Not Polite to Stare" by Jan Alonso

"Final Encounter" by Bruno Cruz

"Headache" by Anthony Gonzalez