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English SLO Information


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) represent generally what students should learn in each of their classes, respectively. SLOs must be included in each instructor's class syllabi. Additionally, they can be found in course outlines of record.


Every semester, English department faculty should assess the SLOs for their courses on eLumen(Use Chrome). Each year, department faculty will evaluate SLO assessment results and develop action plans to improve student performance on specific SLOs.


Contact Prof. Lee Anne McIlroy, SLO coordinator, or Prof. Ja'net Danielo, English department chair.

For information on how to use eLumen for SLO assessment, please see SLO Training Videos.

Course slos 

Engl 50A English Grammar

Engl 100 Freshman Composition

Engl 100S Enhanced Freshman Composition

Engl 102 Introduction to Literature

Engl 103 Critical Thinking and Argumentative Writing

Engl 106 Introduction to Linguistics

Engl 107 Vocabulary Building

Engl 110 Critical Thinking through Literature

Engl 222 Children's Literature

Engl 224 Native American Literature

Engl 225 Mexican Literature in Translation

Engl 228 Shakespeare's Plays

Engl 230A American Literature Survey

Engl 233 Readings in the Novel

Engl 234 Readings in Short Fiction

Engl 236 Studies in Women's Literature

Engl 240 Creative Writing

Engl 241 Screenwriting

Engl 243 Playwriting

Engl 246A British Literature Survey

Engl 248A Masterpieces of World Literature


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