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English Part-time Faculty

Fall 2020

The English part-time faculty office is located in the Liberal Arts building. 

Tamar Altebarmakian

e-mail: taltebarmakian

Tommy Amano-Tompkins

e-mail: tamanotompkins

Michael Arambula

e-mail: marambula

Brian Asis

e-mail: basis

Bethany Avalos

e-mail: bavalos

Nicholas Bielik

e-mail: nbielik

Lesley Blake

e-mail: lblake

Brenda Bran

e-mail: bbran

Nelly Brashear

e-mail: nbrashear

Michelle Buscher-Cepeda

e-mail: mbuscher

Danielle Carney

e-mail: dcarney

Sara Cristin

e-mail: scristin

Judith Crozier

e-mail: jcrozier

Anjanette Crum

e-mail: acrum

Robert DeFrance

e-mail: rdefrance

Letitia Deon

e-mail: ldeon

Robert Dongell

e-mail: rdongell

Derrick Estrada

e-mail: destrada

John Garcia

e-mail: jbgarcia

Nicholas Gil

e-mail: ngil

Christine Granillo

e-mail: cgranillo

Robert Hammond

e-mail: rhammond

Sarah Hicks

e-mail: shicks

Ryan Hitch

e-mail: rhitch

Jennifer Hiza

e-mail: jhiza

Olivia Hulett

e-mail: ohulett

Katrina Jalloh

e-mail: kjalloh

Ben Kessworth

e-mail: bkessworth

James Krulic

e-mail: jkrulic

Lindsey Lefebvre

e-mail: llefebvre

Corey Leis

e-mail: cleis

Lindsay Ludvigsen

e-mail: lludvigsen

Chimene Mata

e-mail: cmata

Matthew McGaw

e-mail: mmcgaw

Veronica Miranda

e-mail: vmiranda

Anna Morrison

e-mail: amorrison

Michelle Nava

e-mail: mnava

Marquis Nave

e-mail: mnave

Mark Nishimura

e-mail: mnishimura

Alyesse Orr

e-mail: aorr

Mireya Palencia

e-mail: mpalencia

Claire Pelonis

e-mail: cpelonis

Mallory Reeves

e-mail: mreeves

Amanda Reyes

e-mail: areyes

Rebecca Rios

e-mail: rrios

Andrew Robles

e-mail: arobles

Christy Russell

e-mail: crussell

Amy Sandoval

e-mail: asandoval

Sean Smith

e-mail: ssmith

Courtney Stammler

e-mail: cstammler

Scott Stanfield

e-mail: sstanfield

DeAnna Stansbury

e-mail: dstansbury

John Stavast

e-mail: jstavast

Kristin Tamayo

e-mail: ktamayo

Nancy Torres-Guimaraes

e-mail: ntorresguimaraes

Alina Vanciu

e-mail: avanciu

Burlee Vang

e-mail: bvang

Christine Walker

e-mail: ccwalker

Wendy Walsh

e-mail: wwalsh

Webster Watnik

e-mail: wwatnik

Jeffrey Whynaught

e-mail: jwhynaught

Victor Zamora

e-mail: vzamora

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