Fall 2023 Course Offerings


English 100 Freshman Composition
English 100S Enhanced Freshman Composition (ENGL 100 with extra support)
English 102 Introduction to Literature
English 103 Critical and Argumentative Writing
English 110 Critical Thinking Through Literature


English 221A Bible as Literature: Hebrew Scriptures
English 222 Children's Literature
English 224 Native Am. Lit.
English 225 Mexican Literature in Translation
English 228 Shakespeare's Plays
English 230A American Literature 
English 231 Literature and Film
English 234 Readings in Short Fiction
English 236 Studies in Women's Literature
English 246A British Literature 
English 248A Masterpieces of World Literature 


English 240 Creative Writing
English 241 Screenwriting
English 243 Playwriting


English 107 Vocabulary Building