Spring 2024 Course Offerings


English 100 Freshman Composition
English 100S Enhanced Freshman Composition (ENGL 100 with extra support)
English 103 Critical and Argumentative Writing


English 102 Introduction to Literature
English 110 Critical Thinking through Literature
English 221B Bible as Literature: Christian Scriptures
English 223 Chicano/a Literature
English 226 African American Literature
English 227 Modern and Contemporary Literature
English 230B American Literature Survey
English 232 Readings in Poetry
English 235 Readings in the Drama
English 246B British Literature Survey
English 248B Masterpieces of World Literature
English 257 Readings in Creative Nonfiction                                          


English 240 Creative Writing
English 247 Writing Creative Nonfiction
English 250 Advanced Creative Writing Portfolio


English 106 Linguistics
English 50A English Grammar