Dual Admissions


 The California State University (CSU) offers a dual admissions program through their CSU Transfer Success Pathway (TSP). The TSP program will guarantee future CSU admission to 2023 high school graduates and beyond who are entering a California community college and commit to transferring within three years. The Transfer Success Pathway gives students clearer direction as they begin their post-secondary education journey and greater confidence that they will achieve their goal of a four-year degree.  
Participating campuses: All CSU campuses (available majors for agreements will vary by campus)  
Major Pathways available: Majors listed in ASSIST.org where a campus major capacities allow  


Beginning August 1, 2024, eligible students can apply to the program in order to:  

  • Enter into an agreement with the CSU and receive guaranteed admission to the degree program and campus of your choice (if all requirements are met) - through the CSU Transfer planner
  • Receive personalized guidance from CSU representatives to create an educational plan that will help you transfer within three years or less 
  • Map out your coursework using the CSU Transfer Planner portal to ensure you’re on track for your degree 

CSU DUAL ADMISSIONS Eligibility Requirements:  

Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2023, the Transfer Success Pathway will be open to first-time, first-year California community college students or student who finish high school in 2022 and took a gap year from college (meaning did not attend any college directly after high school and will be starting at the community college in summer/fall).  
Using the CSU Transfer Planner portal  students will be able to determine their program eligibility, research campuses and programs available and enter in to one agreement.   


Eligible students can apply in summer 2024 between August 1-September 30th, entering into an agreement with the specific CSU campus they wish to attend. As part of the agreement, students must:

  • complete either an Associate Degree for Transfer or
  • established courses of transfer at a community college and transfer within three years.  

Using the CSU Transfer Planner students will be able to determine their program eligibility, research campuses and programs available and enter in to one agreement.   

Deadline: August 1st - September 30th


Transfer Success Pathway – Dual Admissions 


Dual Admissions is a conditional admission guarantee to a UC campus with a Transfer Admission Guarantee program. Participants are offered extra support from UC while they fulfill their transfer requirements. To join the UC Dual Admissions program students have to have applied to UC campuses in the Fall 2023 or later, have a 3.0 GPA out of high school, and been denied admission due to missing A-G requirements. Students who meet this requirement will be invited to participate in the UC Dual Admissions Program. Invited students will have until June 1st to opt into the program.  
If you are not eligible for UC Dual Admission program we encourage you to talk to a Transfer Center Counselor about a Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG).