Associate Degree for Transfer

Cerritos College boasts 30 unique Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) to CSUs. With an AA-T or AS-T, you can walk into any CSU as a junior and complete two degrees with only 120 units if you are admitted into a similar* degree program. AA-T/AS-T degrees have specific deadlines** to receive benefits*** during and after the CSU transfer process. Video tutorial - Brief overview of the Associates degree to transfer (10:39). AAT/AST powerpoint. 

File for Graduation: Petition for Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T)Once the petition has been filled out and saved, submit it to the Admissions Office at


AA-T/AS-T Majors List and Requirements


*CSU Similar Degree Report-Campus & Discipline AA-T/AS-Ts To search: select ADT major, then select Cerritos College and finally select the CSU campus(es).

**CSU ADT deadlines: Spring transfer – Completion of AA-T/AS-T by the end of summer

                                     Fall transfer – Completion of AA-T/AST by the end of spring

Completion of AA-T/AS-T includes: 1) AA-T/AS-T major requirements as listed above, 2) Plan B or Plan C (including Oral Communication), 3) 60 CSU transferable units, and 4) 2.0 CSU transfer GPA

***What are the benefits for transfer? 1) receive a 0.10 GPA bump during admissions process, 2) guaranteed spot to a participating CSU, 3) admission advantage when applying to certain campus or majors, 4) 60 units of coursework to complete degree after transfer (in most cases) and 5) opportunity to participate in the California Promise (i.e., priority registration, guaranteed classes).