Transfer Success Stories - October 2023

Joshua Ortega

Joshua Ortega

Transfer School: USC

Transfer Major: Electrical Engineering

What term/year did you transfer? Spring 2019

What kinds of activities and/or programs did you participate in at Cerritos College?

NCAS Microcomputer and Robotics Internship, worked at the Success Center as a Math Tutor, and worked in the Physics stockroom as a Lab Aide.

What activities and/or program did you participate in at the university?

Hackathons at USC.

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

"Enjoy the journey! There are a lot of ups and down in reaching your goals, but remember to enjoy the whole process in getting there (also, go to office hours- they are extremely beneficial!). Break out of your bubble and talk to others, form study groups, and remember you deserve to be there, don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back"

Career and future goals:

Joshua first started his career at Intel Corporation and he am currently working at Western Digital as a Firmware Engineer. Plan is to see where the next challenge is. Long term goal is to be able to get his masters and come back to Cerritos College and give back to a community that gave so much to me and teach Math. Joshua said "I wasn’t someone who believed a college degree was for me, but I am glad I encountered mentors and friends at Cerritos who thought otherwise. I’d like to be able to do the same for the next generation of Falcons."

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