Transfer Academy


The Transfer Academy is an educational preparation program that focuses on assisting students in transferring to their University of Choice (whether CSU/UC/Private or out of state).  We do this through educational planning, scholarship, transfer  and application workshops, building of community through Transfer talks and more! As a member, students are committing to at least 2 activities a semester and responding to informational request made by the Transfer Academy team. 

Why Participate?

  • Increase your chances of admissions to your University of Choice. 
  • Obtain one-on-one guidance to guarantee your spot at one of our TAG partner schools
  • Engage in university admissions planning activities (i.e., transfer conference, application workshops)
  • Learn about transfer services such as university tours and rep appointments first.  

Who should participate?

  • Students interested in preparing for CSU/UC transfer AND plan to TAG one of our partner schools
  • Plan to follow Transfer Academy guidelines of participating in at least 2 events/workshops a semester.
  • Students who have entered their first year of college coursework (highly recommended). This will allow          Transfer Academy the time to prep a student for a TAG.
  • Students who are in the Scholars' Honors Program


  • Educational goal of transfer
  • Participate in  at least 2 Transfer Academy  activities each semester.
  • See a counselor to review or develop a comprehensive educational plan at least once a year


  1. Apply to Scholars Honors Program
  2.  Enroll and/or successfully complete a COUN 101B, COUN 200, or COUN 101C within 2 semesters of 1st year

Interested in Transfer Academy, Join now.  

  Please contact the Transfer Center for more information (562) 860-2451 ext. 2154 or email


Transfer Academy is a university preparation program established by the Transfer Center. Its purpose is to increase the number of students considering, applying and getting admitted to the University of California campuses via the UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG). The UCs offer a Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan to help students pay for tuition by providing a scholarship. Before students can get to this place, students must complete the transfer process. The transfer process comes with expenses many of our students are not financially prepared to face. 

The program aims to move students forward in their transfer journey by grooming them as early as their first semester to become UC bound and mitigate financial barriers such as incurring fees from the UC application, enrollment deposit, orientation, campus apartment security deposit, etc. 

The Academy is also a space to help students grow professionally. Conferences are great opportunities to practice the social and academic skills needed to encourage growth outside of the classroom.

Donate to Transfer Academy through the Cerritos College Foundation