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A university preparation program designed to guide admissions to the California State University and University of California systems. 

Why Participate?

  • Increase your chances of admissions to CSU and UC Campuses
  • Obtain one-on-one guidance to guarantee your spot at one of our TAG partner schools
  • Engage in university admissions planning activities (i.e., transfer conference, application workshops)

Who should participate?

  • Students interested in preparing for CSU/UC transfer AND plan to TAG one of our partner schools
  • Plan to follow Transfer Academy guidelines
  • Students who have entered their first year of college coursework (highly recommended). This will allow          Transfer Academy the time to prep a student for a TAG.
  • Students who are in the Scholars' Honors Program


  • Educational goal of transfer
  • Participate in Transfer Academy assignments and activities related to TAG.
  • See a counselor to review or develop a comprehensive educational plan at least once a year


  1. Apply to Scholars Honors Program
  2.  Enroll and/or successfully complete a COUN 101B, COUN 200, or COUN 101C within 2 semesters of 1st year

Interested in Transfer Academy, Join now.  

  Please contact the Transfer Center for more information (562) 860-2451 ext. 2154 or email



  • Check Transfer Academy Canvas page

Current Members

Your success depends on your attendance in enrolled classes and completion of course assignments, in addition to participating in Transfer Academy support services.

Following are some of the many services available to you as a Transfer Academy member to ensure your academic and transfer success:

  • Increase your chances of admissions to a UC Campus
  • Obtain one-on-one guidance to guarantee your spot to one of six participating UC campuses
  • Engage in university admissions planning activities (i.e., transfer conference, application workshops)
  • Transfer information updates and event announcements to keep you connected with and prepared for the university experience
  • Assistance with completing your UC, CSU, Private, or Out-of-State transfer application

UC Admissions Resources:

UC Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP) 

UC Application

Discover UC - providing transfer prep workshop series. 

UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) Matrix 

(Check UC campus website for updated TAG information: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz


ASSIST website and ASSIST video tutorial

UC Special Programs/Other Resources: 

UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships (Scholars Program flyer): (extended deadline August 23rd, 2021) CCCP application

UCLA Virtual Transfer Admissions Presentation RSVP:   (Friday, August 6th at 10:00AM and Friday, September 3rd at 10:00AM) 

UCI Summer Weekly Transfer Admissions Basics Presentations RSVP (Tuesdays at 2pm) 

UCLA Center for Community College partnership instagram: @cccp_cerritos 

UC Financial Resources:  

UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan: (Includes Middle Class Scholarship and California DREAM Loan Program information) 

Apply for FAFSA

California Dream ACT 


Transfer Academy is a university preparation program established by the Transfer Center. Its purpose is to increase the number of students considering, applying and getting admitted to the University of California campuses via the UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG). The UCs offer a Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan to help students pay for tuition by providing a scholarship. Before students can get to this place, students must complete the transfer process. The transfer process comes with expenses many of our students are not financially prepared to face. 

The program aims to move students forward in their transfer journey by grooming them as early as their first semester to become UC bound and mitigate financial barriers such as incurring fees from the UC application, enrollment deposit, orientation, campus apartment security deposit, etc. 

The Academy is also a space to help students grow professionally. Conferences are great opportunities to practice the social and academic skills needed to encourage growth outside of the classroom.

Donate to Transfer Academy through the Cerritos College Foundation


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