Cerritos Complete Transfer Success Pathway

Transfer Success Pathway (TSP) Information session:

WHAT IS Cerritos complete TSP?  

A Cerritos College program that supports students who are participating in the Dual Admissions program offered by the University of California system and California State University (also called CSU Transfer Success Pathway). The university dual admission program will guarantee future UC or CSU admissions to first time college students who are entering a California community college and commit to transferring within three years (established fall 2023).


  • Two- years FREE tuition at Cerritos College (In-state rates only and must have 12+ units each semester)
  • Two-years Health fee waiver
  • Two-years of earlier enrollment 
  • One-on-one counseling and advising to create an educational plan that will help you transfer within three years or less 


  • First year, first time college students  
  • California resident (AB 540 accepted) 
  • Opt-in to the CSU Transfer Success Pathway through the CSU Transfer Planner (Aug 1-Sept 30th- marking Cerritos as primary college) or the UC Dual Admission by June 1st or if your major is not available in the Dual Admissions program become active member of the Transfer Academy
  • Complete the following onboarding steps at Cerritos College: 
    • Application to Cerritos College 
    • Online Orientation 
    • Self Report Tool (SRT) – English and math placement 
    • Apply for FAFSA/California Dream Act  
  • Enroll and successfully pass English 100/100S and transfer math in the fall plus classes needed to reach 12+ units.  
  • Complete a Counseling 101B or 101C or 200 or ACLR 101 class by the end of the spring term. We highly recommend that student take this course in the summer or fall semester. 


  1. Apply to Cerritos College 
  2. Complete the Onboarding steps  (see above)
  3. Apply for CSU Transfer Success Pathway program through the CSU Transfer Planner by Sept 30th (marking Cerritos as primary college) or opt-in to the UC Dual Admissions by June 1st or become active member of the Transfer Academy
  4. Enroll in a full load of classes for fall 2024 to include English 100/100S and a Transfer Math. Recommend enrolling in Counseling class.