CalVet Fee Waiver

This form is for processing CalVet Fee Waiver requests. In order to complete the form, you must have already applied and been approved by CalVet for this benefit. 

For questions on the fee waiver, and other CalVet services for veterans and their dependents, please visit CalVet Website.

To complete this form, you will need to be prepared to upload you benefits letter (sent to you if approved for the program by CalVet), as well as complete the California College Promise Grant Application for the appropriate year. This form can be found on the Financial Aid Website

Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process your form, and have the waiver reflected on your student account. Incomplete forms will slow down the process.

Please contact our office if you have any further questions; you can also reach out to us via email at

*Please do not send documents via email unless instructed to do so*


CalVet Fee Waiver request form