Parent School Letter

This form is intended for students who will be taking a class or classes at another school for a specific semester while still taking classes with us at Cerritos College. Classes taken at your guest school will be included in your total certification for the VA, and will streamline the process at your guest school. 

To initiate the request, you must complete the following steps: 

  • Make an appointment with the VRC counselor to ensure that the class(es) you want to take at the guest school are a part of your major and degree plan. All classes still must be on your educational plan at Cerritos College. The Parent School Letter (PSL) request form must be signed by a Cerritos College VRC counselor in order to be submitted.
  • Complete the PSL request form listed below, and return to the VRC—make sure you also have a copy of your educational plan and class schedule at the guest school.

Once the request is complete, you will receive an email notification, and the PSL will be sent to the certifying official at the guest school. 

Your PSL packet can be dropped of at the VRC for our certifying official OR can be emailed directly to Jaritzy Herrera-Macias at

*Please note that incomplete and missing items from the packet will cause a significant delay in processing*

Additional questions can be directed to our office.

Download Parent School Letter Request Form