Now Open for In-Person Classes. Full vaccination is required. COVID-19 Updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer optometry services? No; here is a link to community providers that may offer a student discount.
  • Do you offer chiropractor services? Yes! Chiropractors are available Thursday mornings from X to X. ADD hours/requirements
  • Does SHS offer disability testing? No. We recommend that you see a specialist in this area. If you need help choosing a primary care physician who can refer you, please ask us.
  • Does SHS write excuse notes? We do not write medical excuse notes but we can write dates that you have been seen in our clinic.
  • Does SHS manage chronic conditions like diabetes, seizures, or high blood pressure? SHS provides services for acute, episodic visits only. We cannot manage chronic health conditions but we can help refer you to a community provider.
  • Does SHS take laboratory orders from outside providers? We cannot take laboratory orders from outside providers. We are not a Quest Diagnostics lab draw center; we contracted to draw our own labs ordered by the SHS providers only.
  • Do you offer the HIV prevention pill? We do not offer PrEP at this time, though we work with Bienestar Human Services add link with contact info.
  • Do you care for students requiring worker’s compensation? No, we are not contracted to provide worker’s compensation services. Generally, if you sustained an injury at work you need to contact your manager for a referral to their contracted worker’s compensation provider.

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