Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer optometry services?
  • Do you offer chiropractor services?
    • Yes! Chiropractors are available Thursday mornings from 8:30am to 1:00pm.
      • Services are available to currently enrolled students who have paid Student Health fees.
  • Does SHS offer disability testing?
    • No. We recommend that you see a specialist in this area. If you need help choosing a primary care physician who can refer you, please ask us.
  • Does SHS write excuse notes?
    • We do not write medical excuse notes but we can write dates that you have been seen in our clinic.
  • Does SHS manage chronic conditions like diabetes, seizures, or high blood pressure?
    • SHS provides services for acute, episodic visits only. We cannot manage chronic health conditions but we can help refer you to a community provider.
  • Does SHS take laboratory orders from outside providers?
    • We cannot take laboratory orders from outside providers. We are not a Quest Diagnostics lab draw center; we contracted to draw our own labs ordered by the SHS providers only.
  • Do you offer the HIV prevention pill?
    • We do not offer PrEP at this time, though we work with Bienestar Human Services add link with contact info.
  • Do you care for students requiring worker’s compensation?
    • No, we are not contracted to provide worker’s compensation services. Generally, if you sustained an injury at work you need to contact your manager for a referral to their contracted worker’s compensation provider.

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