Emergency Services

Student Health Services does not provide emergency services.

Police are trained to deal with on campus emergencies.  They can be contacted on campus by calling  911.
Calls to  911 made through an outside system will connect with the Los Angeles County EMS agency.
Off Campus- (562) 924-3618

Medical Emergencies and First Aid
Immediate Actions
General steps in medical emergencies
  1. Check the scene to see that it is safe, and that you and the victim(s) are not in danger
  2. Call 911 (or ask someone to call 911) to request campus police; state the type of emergency it appears to be (cut, head injury, heart attack, etc.)
  3. Campus Police will assess the situation and need to call 911
  4. Remain calm and reassure the victim while waiting for emergency personnel
  5. Do not move the victim if unsure about head / neck injury
  6. Report any injury to your immediate supervisor


Blood and Body Fluid Exposure


Exposure: Direct contact between eye, mouth, mucous membrane, skin cut, or abrasion with blood or any other potentially infectious materials.

Immediate Actions

  • Skin exposure: Gently wash contact area with soap and water immediately
  • Eye exposure: Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes using eye wash, if available
  • Call 911 for medical help if needed