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Responses to Services

Responses to Services


Procedure for Handling All Medical Emergencies
Call Campus Police Dial 9-1-1

  1. In cases of All Medical Emergencies, call Campus Police, 9-1-1. Campus Police will dispatch an officer to the scene immediately.
    • If the emergency is life threatening, describe the medical emergency and state your exact location.  If you are inside a building, or in a secluded area, send someone to direct Campus Police to your exact location.
    • If the Campus Police Dispatcher determines the emergency is life threatening, she/he will notify Los Angeles County EMS and dispatch them immediately to the location.
  2. Remain with the victim until the Campus Police arrive, and assist as required.
    • Survey the scene to assure safety for the victim and yourself.
    • Reassure the victim that help is on the way. Keep the victim as comfortable as possible. If you have received Basic First Aid training and are certified, you may administer first aid at your level of training.
    • All campus Police Officers are currently trained and certified in Adult CPR/Basic First Aid through the American Red Cross.
    • Upon arriving to the scene, the officer will assess the need to call the LA County EMS system. If they determine a patient needs EMS assistance, they will initiate the call, and begin Basic First Aid until the local EMS System arrives.
    • If they determine the patient does not require local EMS/Ambulance services, they will advise the patient regarding transportation to the following locations:
      • Private Medical Doctor/HMO
      • Local Emergency Room or Urgent Care.
      • Student Health Services., during regular operational hours.
      • Home
  3. Modes of Transportation
    • Self-transported (vehicle, ambulate, wheel chair, etc.)
    • A friend or available classmate.
    • Transport to Student Health and Wellness Center if victim is able to walk

For liability purposes, the Student Health and Wellness Center is not equipped to provide care outside of the SHWC building. If required to assist in transportation a wheel chair is available at the Student Health and Wellness clinic. No medical care will be administered outside the Student Health and Wellness building.


  1. If the emergency results from an injury/accident, notify the Campus Police. They will ensure that all safety hazards are identified and reported to prevent further injury.
    • For all accidents, Campus Police will complete the Liability Insurance Accident Form and the Health Insurance Accident form.
    • If the victim is going to be transported to an Emergency Room for further treatment, the Campus Police will complete the forms and send the first two copies of the Health Insurance Accident form with the patient. This will alert the Emergency Room that the patient is insured for this injury and expedite their treatment. If the patient/victim has primary medical insurance, the accident insurance will be used as a supplemental insurance policy.
    • Campus Police will send a copy of the Liability Insurance Accident form and Health Insurance Accident form to the Student Health and Wellness Center for maintenance of records. Campus police will also notify the campus Risk Management Office of the incident
    • Campus Police will have available all necessary forms. These forms should be completed on all accidents/injuries that occur on campus and sent to the appropriate departments upon completion.
  2. Field Trips
    • If an emergency occurs while on a field trip, the supervising staff member should call the telephone operator to notify the nearest emergency agency. A student or other members of the field trip group should be delegated to make the call if the supervising staff member is unable to do so.
    • As soon as feasible, the individual in charge should notify the Campus Police Department to complete appropriate accident forms. Campus police will ensure the completed forms will be sent to the Student Health and Wellness Center and Risk Management Office on campus.
    • Follow the previously described steps regarding the filing of reports.


Procedure for Handling all Psychiatric Emergencies
Call Campus Police Dial 9-1-1.


  1. For All psychiatric emergencies, call 9-1-1 using a campus phone, describe the situation as best you can, and give the exact location on campus.
  2. Campus Police dispatcher will send an officer(s) to the scene immediately. If the officer(s) deems a true psychiatric emergency exists, the officer will call College Hospital; transport the patient immediately to College Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room.
  3. When the officer(s) arrives on the scene she/he will assess the situation. If the patient is one of the following:
  • Gravely Disabled
  • Suicidal
  • Homicidal
  • Psychotic/Unusual/Violent Behavior


The officer(s) will detain the individual and transport the patient to College Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room for further evaluation, treatment and management.  Campus Police dispatcher will notify College Hospital ER of the officer (s) impending arrival.


  1. If a staff/faculty member believes a student on campus is having a mental health emergency, the staff/faculty member should dial 9-1-1 on a college phone for a campus police.
    • If the patient requires immediate transfer to College Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, the Campus Police will detain the individual and transport immediately. Campus Police dispatcher should place a call to College Hospital ER, notifying them of their impending arrival. The College Hospital-Psychiatric Emergency Room staff will accept the patient and assume full responsibility. Campus Police officers will be released to return to the campus.
  2. If it is determined that there is no psychiatric emergency, the patient should be advised to come to the Student Health and Wellness Clinic and seek medical advice. Appropriate referrals for support groups, hotlines, or mental health resources will be given to the student prior to leaving the Student Health and Wellness Center during normal operating hours.

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