Transfer Success Stories - September 2022

Sa Lisa Thomas

Sa Lisa Thomas

Transfer School: CSU Dominguez Hills

University of Southern California (graduate school)

Transfer Major: Child Development

What term/year did you transfer? Spring 2009

Why did you choose Cerritos College to transfer? 

It was known for being a good school, close to home, and away from all of my friends (less distraction).

What activities and/or program did you participate in at the university?

Undergrad: Internship at the Boys & Girls club
Grad school: Publicity Director of SHiEC (Students of Higher Education Counseling) Internships at a couple of local community colleges.

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

Stay focused, ask for help, and be encouraged. It is only for a little while and the payoff is great! You can achieve all that you wish and more. 

Career and future goals:

I now and have been working in higher education as a counselor. I went to USC for graduate school in counseling and hopefully, will continue my education for a doctorate. I plan to continue helping students achieve their dreams through working in higher education in any capacity. 

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