Transfer Success Stories - February 2023

Andrew Henry

Andrew Henry

Transfer School: UC Berkeley

Transfer Major: English Literature

What term/year did you transfer? Fall 2015

What kinds of activities and/or programs did you participate in at Cerritos College?

I was a writing tutor

What activities and/or program did you participate in at the university?

As a transfer student at UC Berkeley, I was involved in the English major and their events; I became a writing tutor, and an intern at the Transfer Student Center, where I am now an Academic Counselor.

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

Transferring can be hard, both the process of applying then adapting to a new college and environment. My best piece of advice is to do your research, now more than ever we have access to information about the colleges we hope to attend. Research online, try and talk to admissions officers and representatives of the university you're interested in, see if your desired university has mentorship programs for prospective students or if there are current students you can talk to about their experience. If you have the chance, visit the campus, remember your more than a student, you may have to live on or near that campus you plan to attend. Lastly, make sure your future campus for you has resources for you, what campuses call retention, what services do they have for you that can support you during your time as a student there. And make sure to try and enjoy your college years, you only get the experience once!

Career and future goals:

I am currently an academic counselor at UC Berkeley. I never thought I would end up being a counselor, but through what is called planned happenstance, I ended up working with transfer students. And I love it! I have met some amazing transfers who have changed my life. I am currently in an English Composition Master's program at SFSU. I plan to return to my first love the English classroom as a professor at a community college in the coming years.

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