Transfer Success Stories - march 2022

Diana Herrera

Diana herrera

Transfer School: UC Santa Barbara

Transfer Major: Economics and Accounting

What term/year did you transfer? Fall 2011

What kinds of activities and/or programs did you participate in at Cerritos College?

Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, Project Hope

What activities and/or program did you participate in at the university?

Tutor for Prime Learning Advisors Greek Peer Counselor (Delta Delta Delta) Research Assistant in the Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology (UCSB); Tutor with Family Literacy Program (UCSB); Student Business Association (UCSB); Amigos de UCSB.

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

"It's okay to not know; I changed my major multiple times, even when I transferred, I was working at Bank of America, and I was majoring in Economics and Accounting. However, I disliked the actual courses and the work that I was doing. I truly enjoyed volunteering with undocumented families and tutoring the students at a local Elementary. I know it sounds cliche, but find what you love and you'll enjoy the work that you do. You'll live a life with purpose and meaning. I hate the "do what you love and you'll never work a day" quote because that's not true, I truly love teaching and working in school leadership but it is A LOT of work. I don't mind spending so much time working because it gives me meaning and purpose, and I think that's what truly matters."

Career and future goals:

I'm currently a teacher at a public school in NYC, I hold multiple leadership roles such as SpEd Lead Liaison, SpEd Coordinator, SSD Coordinator, Prom Coordinator and member of the Instruction and Equity Team which leads professional development for our school. I am also back at school for my second Master's Degree in School Leadership and I aspire to be a School Leader.

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