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Marvin Roldan 

Marvin Roldan

Transfer School:

University of California, Santa Cruz

Transfer Major:

Literature and Latin American and Latino Studies

What term/year did you transfer?

Fall 2020

What kinds of activities and/or programs did you participate in at Cerritos College?

During my stay at Cerritos College, I was part of the Puente program. Being part of Puente was truly what got me through community college as it provided me with tremendous help and resources that enabled my success at Cerritos. I was the Inter-Club Council rep. for the DREAM club on campus as well. Furthermore, I was also part of the Scholars Honors Program. 

What activities and/or programs did you participate in at the university?

I am currently partaking in an internship with the Professional Career Development Program (PCDP) at UCSC. This program helps undocumented students develop skills and gain experience that align with career, academic and/or personal goals. I'm also part of the Renaissance Scholars, and STARS which is a program designed to ease the transition for transfer students and re-entry students at UCSC. 

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

Give yourself credit for every achievement no matter how small it may seem. Remember that small achievements move you closer to your ultimate goal. Additionally, take care of physical and mental health because times are hectic and the world is literally upside down but remember that you didn't give up regardless of the countless setbacks you experienced in 2020. You are capable. You are worth it. You are valid and always remember, Si Se Puede! 

Career and future goals:

My ultimate career goal is to return to Cerritos College to be the Puente English professor. In that way, I'll be fulfilling the Puente mission statement which is to come back to my community as leader and mentor to succeeding generations. I would also like to work with undocumented students at Cerritos since I firsthand understand the struggles and lack of motivation that they experience. Ranging from the structural deficit in financial aid available to limited resources undocumented students are able to take advantage of. I'd like to put my knowledge to use by creating resources for them to utilize and to ease their college experience which in time, will lead to their success.


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