Transfer Success Stories - October 2021

Riley Schorr

Riley Schorr

Transfer School: UC Berkeley

Transfer Major: English

What term/year did you transfer? Fall 2020

What kinds of activities and/or programs did you participate in at Cerritos College?

Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Kappa Delta honor societies

What activities and/or programs did you participate in at the university?

For now, just my classes but I am planning to teach a decal course!

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

"Don’t let people’s sometimes negative ideas about transfer students affect you whatsoever. I earned a 22k scholarship because I was a transfer student! I almost didn’t apply for UC’s at all because, as a working student paying out of pocket, I was scared I could not afford it and that a UC would not be the place for me. But I am so glad I didn’t limit myself."

Career and future goals:

Riley would love to eventually become an English professor, and is currently thinking of teaching abroad somewhere!.

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