Sharifa Jesmin

May 2022 success story

Sharifa Jesmin

Sharifa Jesmin

Transfer School: UC Irvine

Transfer Major: Computer Science

What term/year did you transfer? Fall 2018

Why did you choose Cerritos College to transfer? 

It's a great college with lots of resources and it was close to my home.

What activities and/or program did you participate in at the university?

Internship in 2020 at RISE and 2021 at Northrop Grumman

Words of wisdom for future transfer students:

Cerritos college is a great school to attend. The transfer counselors are very helpful to decide where to transfer and how to proceed with a study goal to transfer to a certain school.

Career and future goals:

I am an incoming Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman. My goal is to work for a couple of years and then I want to attend grad school depending on what interests me as I proceed along with my professional life.

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