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Prospective EOPS Students

Question: What is EOPS?

Answer: EOPS stands for Extended Opportunity Program and Services. We provide "over and above" program and services to economically and educationally disadvantage students.


Question: How do I know if I am eligible for EOPS?

Answer: There are five eligibility requirements to join EOPS. To determine if you are eligible, please read the EOPS Admission eligibility criteria on the EOPS/CARE website.


Question: How do I sign-up for EOPS? Where is the application?

Answer: EOPS admission is granted on a first come first serve basis. During the enrollment period for each semester, students can visit the EOPS/CARE Office and verify if they are eligible. If eligible they will be invited to attend a mandatory EOPS orientation. At the EOPS Orientation students will be provided with the application, a mutual responsibility contract, and encouraged to schedule their first EOPS counseling appointment.


Question: Can I apply to EOPS online?

Answer: Applications for EOPS are given out during the in-person orientations. A prospective EOPS student would sign up for an orientation after meeting with one of the EOPS specialist who would verify their eligibility.


Question: If I am a student in another program, can I still be eligible for EOPS?

Answer: Yes, you can be a student in multiple programs at the college. We encourage students to get involved and take advantage of everything Cerritos College has to offer.


Current EOPS Students

Questions: What are the deadlines for the EOPS appointments?

Answer: There are three EOPS appointment deadlines, one for the 1st appointment, one for the 2nd appointment, and one for the 3rd appointment. To determine the EOPS appointment deadlines for each semester visit the EOPS Important Dates on the EOPS/CARE website or you can view the due dates on your Student Center under your To Do List.


Questions: Can I turn in my Work-In-Progress report before my second EOPS appointment?

Answer: No, you cannot turn in the Work-In-Progress report and Weekly Planner before your second appointment. The purpose of your second EOPS appointment is to insure you are succeeding adequately, that programs and services are being provided effectively, and to plan changes as may be needed to enhance your success based on your work-in-progress report.


Question: Can I turn in my Work-In-Progress report after my second EOPS deadline?

Answer: No, there are specific deadlines for each appointment, and the Work-In-Progress report, along with the weekly planner, are due before the second appointment deadline. The Work-In-Progress report is to be turned in during your second appointment.


Questions: What if I miss one of my three required appointments during the semester?

Answer: If you miss one of you your required three appointments, we urge you to reschedule immediately before the deadline date if possible. If you fail to meet with a counselor prior to the deadline date, you will not be able schedule the remainding required appointments. For example, if you miss your first appointment and the deadline date has past, you will not be able to schedule your second or third appointment. The counseling services are still available to you and you can still meet with a counselor throughout the semester, but you will not receive credit for the first, second, or third appointment.


Questions: Will EOPS help when transferring to a university (CSU, UC or Private)?

Answer: Yes, EOPS provides support services to assist EOPS students in meeting their educational goals, including transferring. Support services include transfer application workshops, transfer counseling, university tours, and letters of recommendation.


Questions: Does EOPS offer scholarships for students?

Answer: Yes, the EOPS program offers scholarships. To apply visit the Cerritos College Foundation website. The deadline for each semester varies.


EOPS Alumni

Questions: How can I contribute to the EOPS program at Cerritos College?

Answer: You can donate to the Cerritos College EOPS program through the Cerritos College Foundation Donation website or contact the Foundation Office at (562) 860-2451 ext. 2539 or





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