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Mutual Responsibility Contract

The Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) is an agreement between you and the EOPS/CARE programs. The Mutual Responsibility Contract specifies what services you may receive and the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of both you and the EOPS/CARE programs.


As an EOPS student I agree to:

  • Attend/Complete an EOPS Orientation
  • Complete an EOPS Application and Mutual Responsibility Contract
  • Enroll/Attend 12 units of coursework during the semester in which admitted into the program

Meet with EOPS staff and counselors at minimum three times per semester

  1. First Appointment must be with a counselor. The purpose is to establish an educational goal and to develop an Educational Plan.
  2. Second Appointment may be with an EOPS staff or EOPS counselor. The purpose is to review the Work-In-Progress (WIP) Report and to identify resources that will ensure your academic success.
  3. Third Appointment must be with a counselor. The purpose is to review your objectives for the semester, identify needs and provide resources and to prepare for the next semester of classes.

Maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Enroll in a minimum of 3 units the semesters following admission into the EOPS program

Meet with an EOPS/CARE counselor if I am experiencing difficulties which may impact my academic progress

Enroll into an EOPS counseling course (10, 101A, 101B, 150 or 200) within one year of admission to the program

Enroll in math, English, ESL or reading sequence until completed

Declare a major after the second semester of admission

 As a CARE student I also agree to:

Provide verification of TANF from the Department of Social Services at the beginning of each year
Attend any required CARE seminars, meetings or appointments



You may be placed on Early Warning for failure to adhere to the Mutual Responsibility Contract, specifically the three required appointments per semester and 2.0 GPA requirements.
You may be disqualified from the EOPS/CARE programs for (1) failure to adhere to the Mutual Responsibility Contract, (2) failure to adhere to the Educational Plan, and (3) completing 70 degree applicable units.

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