Open for In-Person Classes. Vaccination is NOT required for students.  COVID-19 Updates.

Appointment Deadlines and Important Dates


1st EOPS Appointment

01/03/23 - 02/24/23


2nd EOPS Appointment

02/20/23 - 04/14/23

Form required during appointment:

Work-In-Progress (WIP) Report

3rd EOPS Appointment

04/10/23 - 05/26/23

"Optional" Form reviewed during appointment: 

Student Wellness Survey


Spring 2023 

Priority enrollment: October 24 - 31, 2022
  • This service is available to continuing EOPS students who do not have a PRB hold on their student account.
  • You can verify your enrollment date on MyCerritos Student Center under Enrollment Dates.
  • The class schedule will be available online 

schedule of classes

As part of your Mutual Responsibility Contract, EOPS students must enroll into a Counseling course within one year of admission to the program. To request a permission code to register in a counseling courses visit the

EOPS Counseling Course page.

I Started EOPS in... I must complete my Counseling course by the end of...
Fall 2021 Fall 2022
Spring 2022 Spring 2023
Summer 2022 Summer 2023
Fall 2022 Fall 2023
Spring 2023 Spring 2024
Summer 2023 Summer 2024
Fall 2024 Fall 2025

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