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Student Physical and Immunization Requirement

All students are required to complete and submit an annual physical examination showing that the student is in adequate physical, mental, and emotional health to meet the rigorous demands of the program and to meet the patient care demands in the clinical setting.  Applicants should review the Technical Standards and Essential Functions of the Registered Nurse to ensure that they are well versed in the requirements of the role.

Students must complete an Annual Physical Exam.

In addition, students must complete the following Immunizations and Serum Blood Titers for entry into the program and to continue within the program:

 1)   (2) negative TB tests (within an annual year)  OR  negative Chest Xray  - TB Test must be repeated annually 

2)    Flu (Influenza) Vaccine  - must be repeated annually 

3)    TDap - every 10 years

4)    MMR (Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps) with Blood Titer showing (+) immunity

5)    Hepatitis B  with Blood Titer showing (+) immunity

6)    Varicella with Blood Titers showing (+) immunity

*If the titers are "negative" or "equivocal", the student will be required to repeat the immunization series. 

7)   All students are required to complete a Urine Drug Screen every six months.   

*Although marijuana is legal in the state of CA, it is not permitted amongst nursing students.  Therefore, drug screens testing positive for marijuana will be denied.  


Physical Examination Forms can be picked up in the Health Occupations Division Office.  


Updated  July 2019


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