All applicants (all program options, except Options D and F) are required to pass the ATI TEAS7 Diagnostic Assessment Test (basic Math, English, Reading, and Science) prior to application to the program with 62% or higher score.

Applicants must have their TEAS Exam completed and score attached to their application upon submission of their application.  TEAS scores are not only required for eligibility, the score itself will be allocated points in the MultiSelective Criterion Process (Option A only).  Therefore, students are encouraged to study hard and to do their best on the examination in order to obtain the highest number of points.  Applicants can only repeat the TEAS examination every 365 days.   Repeat scores in < 365days will not be accepted. 

The Cerritos College Nursing Program will conduct a TEAS testing session twice a year; however, these sessions will have limited spaces available.  Check back to this website for dates and RSVPs. 

The nursing program also takes the HESI exam at 70% or higher.  The HESI Exam must include the Science component.

Get Prepared for the TEAS EXAM


Students can go to the ATI website to view locations in their community area offering the TEAS examination.


1) Once you take ATI TEAS and pass, you must wait at least 365 days before re-testing to improve your score.  Once you retest, the most recent score will be taken and accepted.

2) If you do not pass the ATI TEAS on your first attempt, you may:

a) Remediate with school who tested you and then re-test within one year (after your remediation has been completed)   OR

b) Wait at least 365 days and re-test.

*Note: TEAS results are accepted within 365 days from a previous attempt ONLY if there is clear evidence of documented remediation completed with a college institution due to having failed the test.

3) If you have taken ATI TEAS as a second attempt (or more), and are not completing a remediation plan, then you will need to wait at least 365 days before you re-test. Retesting scores prior to 365 days (without proof of remediation) will not be accepted.


Please read the TEAS Guidelines and Regulations for full explanations and disclosures regarding the TEAS Exam.