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Scantron All applicants (all program options, except Options D and F) are required to pass the ATI TEAS Diagnostic Assessment Test (basic Math, English, Reading, and Science) prior to admission to the program with 62% or higher score. 

Applicants are highly encouraged to have their TEAS Exam completed and score attached to their application upon submission of their application in the nursing office.  TEAS scores are not only required for eligibility, the score itself will be allocated points in the MultiSelective Criterion Process (Option A only).  Therefore, students are encouraged to study hard and to do their best on the examination in order to obtain the highest number of points.

Students can go to the ATI website to view locations in their community area offering the TEAS examination.

The Cerritos College Nursing Program will conduct a TEAS testing session once a year; however, this session will have limited spaces available and will be limited to only qualified, prospective candidates who are ready to apply to the nursing program.  Once the date is advertised, there will be 120 testing spots available and students will need to RSVP ASAP to guarantee their testing spot.  In order to hold the testing spot, the student needs to show verification of a Transcript Evaluation from a nursing counselor on the testing date.  This can be obtained by either attending a transcript evaluation workshop, hosted by counseling, OR by an individual counseling appointment.  

(The nursing program also takes the HESI exam at 70% or higher)

Students who test on our campus with our nursing department and who do not meet the benchmark score of 62% or higher, will be eligible to complete a remediation program.  The remediation program will be developed and monitored by the Director of Nursing.  The remediation process may include additional coursework, workshops, and tutorials to improve on areas of deficiency.  Upon successful completion of the remediation program, the student will be eligible to retake the TEAS Exam.  *Remediation options are only for students who test at our campus.  

TEAS  Guidelines and Regulations  (upd August 2019)


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